Questions questions coming like a freight train
Questions questions what is wind? Why is rain?
When I was not quite born yet mummy,
Could I see the bones all in your tummy?
Why do ducks have wings? Why do they quack? Why did I ask “why do they quack?”
Why have they got feathers on their back?
Why is ice cream made out of ice?
Do you like rats? What about mice?
Why is that man’s hat all funny?
Can we keep the Easter Bunny?
Pleeeease can we get a real life pet?
Why please mummy do you keeping saying not yet?
Mummy mummy did we go to the park?
Mummy mummy why is it dark?
Why do you keep telling me to count some sheep?
Why do you keep saying “Just go to sleep!”?

by kirsten allen 13/05/19

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